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Web Design and Graphic Design

Web Design

Your business needs a website that looks good, is mobile-first and, most importantly, does what it’s supposed to… which is position you as a professional business and generate enquiries. Designing a beautiful website alone won’t cut the mustard. As Steve Jobs said:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

We live by this quote. Your website has to engage (primarily) on a mobile or tablet as well as a desktop. With the right kind of ads in place to attract your target audience (Facebook Ads, AdWords, etc.), it must then be easy to navigate and convert as many viewers as possible into enquirers.

Persuasive text – but not overly sell, sell, sell – is key. Highlight your benefits above your features. No overly long sentences (one of the reasons why James Patterson is the world’s no.1 author). Our copywriting service is included in our web design price, unlike most web designers, who expect the client to do all the writing. This is like paying a doctor to perform surgery and them expecting you to pitch in…! Why wouldn’t you leave it to the expert? You’re probably really busy with other stuff too. Our team of experienced writers take care of the content for you.

Key 3 Media mainly uses WordPress to build our websites. Why?

  • The design of each website is 100% customizable
  • The code is clean and simple, making WordPress sites Google-friendly
  • The way we set up the admin console makes it super simple for future edits
  • The system is easy to transfer should you ever wish to switch web designers*

*Touch wood, we have never had a web design client leave us

Over a quarter of the world’s websites use the WordPress platform, including The New York Times. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

Once we’ve designed a website, the client may then decide to take charge of future content edits. We give you full admin rights, as well as any members of staff that you want to involve, perhaps with lesser access rights. Moving forward, you can make little changes yourself or add new blogs. That said, most of our clients prefer Key 3 Media to do any and all ongoing updating for a small, all-inclusive hosting fee. It’s about flexibility.

Graphic Design

Our main graphic design projects are:

  • Press advertisements
  • Business stationery
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures


Yes, “branding” in capital letters. We love creating a visual identity for a business from scratch. Maybe it’s a brand new business. Perhaps a business in serious need of a refresh. Key 3 Media has handled both.

As with our websites, graphic design can’t just look pretty. It has to do what you want it to do. What’s the call to action? What’s going to make people remember you? Is it clean and punchy? How’s the spelling and grammar? Imagine paying a fortune for a big ad in the newspaper and once it’s gone to print you find a typo… Ouch! Not a good representation of your company and you’ve had to pay for the privilege….

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