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Social Media Management & Training

The world evolves and, if a business wants to keep up, so must their marketing. There was a time when an ad placed in the local newspaper and a sign outside your shop was enough to market yourself. For some high street shops, it still is. These days if you want to compete with other businesses and be seen as a serious contender, you have to go to where your audience is – and that is social media (whether you like it or not).

Key 3 Media’s social media management is all about convenience and accountability. We’re aware that social media can seem fluffy and wishy-washy but, when it’s done right, the impact on your business can be substantial. With years of experience in social media, our Shropshire marketers can offer practical advice on what works and what doesn’t or of course take care of it for you. After the initial set-up, it’s all about comparing stats, tweaking, testing and monitoring to get the best results.

Social Media Management

We offer 24/7 management of your social media accounts. We help mainly across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. But what does that mean for your business? It means:

  • Growing your account and building followers
  • Establishing your business as a serious player in the field
  • Researching and posting high quality, relevant content that people will engage with
  • Sharing any on-site news, photos and videos from your team
  • Creating a relationship between you and your followers
  • Positioning yourself as a friendly yet professional company that provides a great customer experience
  • Rapidly responding to comments and messages at any time of the day, 365 days a year
  • Never miss out on a potential sale because your social media member of staff was on holiday, or sick, or slow to respond
  • Designing and monitoring various types of Facebook Advertising


Again, we monitor everything 24/7 (within reason). There are lots of people offering social media management these days. But we have often found that it is a ‘posting only’ service whereas again we provide the benefits of full management. So you literally don’t have to do anything. Doing it properly involves researching good content, posting regularly, measuring what works best, optimal times to post, dealing with customers and potential customers, organising Facebook Lives, who to follow, what to share… not to mention copywriting for your target audience.

When a member of the public asks a question of your business via social media, we will answer it. And the more we get to know your company, the more questions we can field. If we don’t know the answer, you have to be OK with us texting you. This could be during Sunday lunch or ten o’clock at night – but that is the nature of social media.

Premium Service

Although we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, we promptly handle calls, texts, WhatsApps and emails during normal office hours. You will have an open line of communication with Key 3 Media – for you to contact us when you have something that needs promoting. But, for some businesses, this is not enough. They want access to us off-the-clock. We are acting as full-time Consultants here. This is a service we do indeed provide, for clients to contact us in the evening or at weekends… even on Bank Holidays. But naturally it comes at a higher rate.

Facebook Advertising Only

If you are using Facebook for business, unfortunately you must pay for Facebook Advertising or you are unlikely to reach enough people. It goes hand in hand with appealing, engaging content.

I say “unfortunately” but that’s actually not the case because Facebook Advertising is the most cost effective form advertising around for many categories (but not all). Key 3 Media can create adverts that target specific audiences, whatever your goal may be. It might be to grow your page through likes, promote an offer, or use retargeting (where your ads follow people who have visited your website).

We don’t just set up ads then let them run. This could end up wasting your money. Our job is to monitor the statistics and tweak the designs to get you the lowest cost per click. Get your adverts seen by thousands of the right people for a few pounds a day, even just £2 a day.

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