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Google AdWords

Have you been considering Google AdWords because your website isn’t ranking as well as you’d hoped? There are currently over 40,000 Google searches per second. (1) You want some of that, right?!

Or are you currently spending lots of money on AdWords (Pay Per Click, PPC) but not sure it’s working?

As well as building websites for businesses that rank well organically (i.e. free of charge rather than paid-for), Key 3 Media offers a done-for-you Google AdWords service. Naturally, you want your website to get found without having to spend a penny. But the fact is some businesses are in industries that are so competitive, it is hard or even impossible to feature highly on Google’s organic rankings.

Google AdWords isn’t just for corporations and big-name brands. Small and medium-sized businesses in nearly every industry can enjoy the boost in web traffic and lead generation that a carefully constructed PPC campaign brings. Louise is our AdWords specialist and she scored 88% and 90% in Google’s exams, so you would be in safe hands!

Why you might need Google AdWords

It could be that your website is struggling to rank organically due to high competition, weak content or technical issues. Perhaps you love the idea of placing your business in front of the people who are specifically searching for your type of service or product.

Google AdWords is a great tool with which to target a niche audience of consumers for a few pounds a day. It’s definitely more expensive than Facebook Advertising – you’re looking at £10 per day minimum – but again you are targeting people who are specifically looking for your type of business.

Facebook Ads are awesome but, for some businesses, they won’t be right. For example, a client of ours runs training courses for people who are interested in setting up their own Bed & Breakfast. A real mix of ages, interests, behaviours and careers, so you couldn’t cost effectively reach them via Facebook Ads. You could appear in front of them but your ads would also be served to large numbers of peope who aren’t remotely interested in what you’re offering. Wasted money. But when people are on Google typing in queries such as “bed and breakfast training”, PPC can of course be a winner.

The AdWords experts in Shropshire

Some business owners choose to dabble in PPC and find it doesn’t serve them well. As far as we’re concerned, dabbling with AdWords doesn’t work. The good ol’ days of typing in a few keywords are long gone. You shouldn’t let anyone set up a PPC campaign for you who doesn’t quote a list of at least 500 negative keywords. After all, you don’t want to be paying for clicks from people who are never going to convert.

If a business is going to get involved with Google AdWords, it needs to be a serious endeavour. AdWords can be a good way to lose a lot of money if not set up and managed correctly. Campaigns require daily management to ensure you are getting the most clicks for the least money, and that’s part and parcel of our job. Our job is to serve well-written ads to the right people; and if Google sees that we are doing our job properly, they will accordingly reduce the cost per click.

PPC won’t be right for all businesses, however. We offer a free analysis of how your business could advertise via Google AdWords, so you can see how much you might need to spend to make it worthwhile. We will also advise on ad content too, as naturally we want that click thru rate to be super high. We can build a PPC campaign for anything – cars, debt recovery, dog-walking, roses for Valentine’s Day… The possibilities are endless, so let’s talk about what we can create together.


(1) http://www.internetlivestats.com/google-search-statistics/

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