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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a personable and effective resource in maintaining relationships with your clients or potential. There are many benefits, including brand awareness, share-ability and of course sending e-newsletters is cost effective. Once you have purchased a legally compliant mass email system, there are no ongoing charges. Except time, but that will never change! Some email marketing systems are even free to purchase.

A recipient may open your next e-newsletter. They may not. One time they may open it and buy from you… because you have simply reminded them of the benefits of doing business with you. It would be lovely if all business magically walked through our door but it doesn’t happen like that, as you know, especially if you work in a competitive marketplace. At the end of the day, all you are doing is raising your head above the parapet and saying you’re there. Sounds simple but it’s amazing how many businesses don’t do it… sometimes when their competitors are.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can be created by consistent and quality email marketing; allowing your audience to become more familiar with your brand – its appearance, tone and product / service. When a customer needs something that your company offers, you want your brand to be front-of-mind.


Email marketing is shareable, which is great because it increases each email’s reach beyond your database. Emails can easily be shared with recipients’ friends, family or colleagues or family. They can forward them on or use the social media sharing icons that mass email systems offer. Your customer has then become an advocate for your brand and you will probably end up with more sign-ups as a result. Many people like to share news and offers that are relevant to them and their circle, but if the process is hassle-free…? Even better. The fact is that people will not do something online if it involves effort.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is supremely cost effective. It may not have the extra personal touch of direct mail but it does offer statistics, whereas direct mail cannot. You can see who opens your emails, who clicks on weblinks within the body and who unsubscribes.

Naturally, there are no printing or postage costs either. And, once you become familiar with the system, there’s a great return from a time perspective too. Although low costs shouldn’t be the main reason you want to start email marketing, it is definitely an advantage! Especially if you’re a start-up business, or budgets are tight and you don’t want to over-invest in a tool you’re unsure of. But again, some email marketing systems are free up to a certain number of subscribers.

The Nitty Gritty

Email marketing allows you to maintain a relationship with your database, similar to that of keeping in touch with friends. If you don’t keep in touch with friends, what happens? You run the risk of drifting apart… and they make new friends ☹️

So… if you’re not already using email marketing, what’s stopping you?

Perhaps your database is in a bit of a mess. Getting this foundation right is crucial. You are going to have spend time (or pay an admin person) to clean your database. No typos, no repetitions, just columns each containing one bit of info. Person’s first name, last name, company name, etc. Although Key 3 Media helps businesses with email marketing, database cleansing is not in our repertoire, I’m afraid! But there will be plenty of people who can help.

Once you have a clean database in place, what next? It is a case of choosing a mass email system, uploading your database and designing an email template.

Mass email systems you may have heard of include MailChimp, Constant Contact, Swiftpage and Send In Blue. MailChimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers and has most of the facilities you’d need. All “proper” mass emails systems have the necessary opt-outs for people to unsubscribe. If ever you receive a mass email that does not have this option, the sender is breaking the law. Businesses that send mass emails using something like Outlook are really sailing close to the wind.

Persuading new people to subscribe to your brand’s newsletter is only half the challenge. Keeping them genuinely interested in your brand through creative content or special offers equates to good email marketing.


You can assume all your customers are OK to start receiving emails off you, unless you have done them a disservice. People you meet on the circuit are probably fine to be added to the list too. As for new people – email marketing systems will be able to generate a code and weblink where people can sign up to your list. Drive people to that weblink via social media or have it in your work email footer. People fill out the form and they automatically get added to the list. The last thing you want to have to do is input all new subscribers manually.

Don’t underestimate the power of email. Some businesses can be afraid that they’ll lose customers through constant emails but it is the content that makes people stay subscribed. Just accept the fact that, no matter what you do, you will get people unsubscribing. But  these are people unlikely to buy off you anyway, so don’t worry. Now and then you may encounter someone who is super precious about their inbox but again you have (or should have) given them the option to unsubscribe.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

According to an email marketing report conducted by Litmus, over 54% of email is now opened by a mobile device. [1] Which is no surprise as more people are using smartphones to browse the internet, email and make online transactions. So it’s more important than ever to ensure you are email mobile marketing correctly. Don’t use huge pictures that will take up half of people’s phone screens. Yes, your emails have to be visually attractive but ultimately it is going to be the text that will be informing or persuading.

The subject line is vital too, perhaps even the most important part of it all. People look at their inbox on their phone and decide which emails to open or look at first. If your subject line simply says “Latest Newsletter”, you have sent the reader off to Yawn Central. I’m not saying the title has to be wacky, but it should at least be original or salient to the content.

Key 3 Media

At Key 3 Media, we understand the importance of quality email marketing and pride ourselves on providing clients with the best emails for their brand. For clients where time or expertise is a barrier to them doing it themselves, we can design, research and produce email content tailored to your brand that keeps people interested in you. Depending on your business’s needs, we can commit to email marketing monthly, fortnightly or even weekly. For weekly email marketing, your database would have to be warm. No cold leads, not that we’d advise buying cold data generally.

Quick Case Study

Key 3 Media creates a regular newsletter for a client in the financial services sector. This consistent use of email marketing keeps their own clients updated with and reminded of the company’s services (and benefits). It also keeps them in the loop with the latest news in the financial industry.

The first step was designing an email marketing template. The client already had an email marketing system in place, so we were given access to that. We designed an eye-catching template for the client’s approval and ensured that all the Ts & Cs, social media links and contact details were covered off. You have to get the basics right! Once signed off, we checked the uploaded database; because the client had captured all recipients’ first names, we could personalise the emails. So each one could start with “Dear Bob”, “Dear Sue”, etc. It’s not a biggie but it’s a nice opening touch.

We researched and wrote the content, which included producing a blog on the client’ website. We wrote from a non-sales angle – something we feel is important for a first email. (But generally speaking you want emails to be informative rather than “buy my stuff”.) We evaluated the best time to send the email then monitored the incoming stats. Naturally, you want a high open rate and a low unsubscribe rate. Who was opening the email the most times? Who was clicking on the weblinks? This would further segregate the database into ‘warmest leads’, i.e. people interested enough to click through to various pages on the client’s website. We also installed a sign-up form on the client’s website to help grow his database without taking up her time.

Not only has the e-newsletter increased awareness of the client’s expertise, it got people talking (with feedback direct to the client) and generated enquiries.

Would you like to chat to us about email marketing? We charge £149+vat to design an email marketing template in whatever system you prefer and then £97+var per email. Deals are available depending on frequency of emails.


[1] https://litmus.com/blog/2016-email-client-market-share-infographic (accessed on 4th October 2017]

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