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Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization

Does your business need something writing? Call Key 3 Media for a free quote! Our Shrewsbury-based team has written content for websites, blogs, leaflets, newsletters, and on every subject imaginable. Well, almost…. We are adept at researching for a wide range of industries but – crucially – we put ourselves in your potential customers’ shoes when we write. Tonality is just as important in the written word as verbally.

If you are looking to get a new website designed and built, we include copywriting in the overall cost. Catherine, Louise or Laura will get all the information we need via one meeting or phone call.

The end goal in all our copywriting is to present clients as approachable experts in their field. The story has to be there, which also includes perfect spelling and grammar. Not everyone seems to care these days, but that one person who does could turn out to be your next biggest client! Now imagine if s/he got put off calling you because of bad spelling….


The beauty of putting Key 3 Media in charge of copywriting is that we don’t have to wait on you to send us anything. You’re busy running your business and, unless writing is something you enjoy, you’ll probably find it hard to get content over to us, especially if it’s something regular such as a blog for your website. The amount of copy needed can also be a struggle if time is the issue; Google prefers blogs of c.500 words.

You need to be honest with yourself. Will you be able to write to a schedule? Are you confident your writing skills can represent your company in its best light? It might save a bit of money to handle copywriting yourself, but it can lead to an empty news page on your website if you’re not vigilant. Every day we will see a website with a news page that was last updated months ago. That page could therefore be doing more harm than good.

The alternative if you want to take advantage of the extra traffic and engagement a good blog can bring is to let us do the work for you. We can either send the words to you or some clients prefer us to upload each new blog to their website as well as take care of any of the technical Search Engine Optimization. Once a blog goes live, that is a lovely new weblink that you can share via social media and help your Google rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

How easy is it to find your website on Google right now? It’s no use being on Page 2 – most people don’t look beyond the first few searches.

Your ranking on Google is partly down to how your website has been built of naturally it needs to be mobile-friendly. But a lot of its success will be down to the way that the copy is written. Key 3 Media takes care of two things:

  • Ensuring important terms related to your business are integrated into the set-up of your website and included on every page. SEO keywording is an art form that can take a website from the wastelands of Google search to a top-four position. Incorporating the right words without losing human readability is a fine balancing act. The “good old days” of simply mentioning your category 50 times are long gone.
  • Fresh content is crucial and that often means frequent blogging. Google loves websites that are always adding new pages with lots of juicy, keyword-strong content. If you’re planning on being found organically (i.e. without paying for AdWords), copywriting is the first thing we recommend. It’s no surprise that 53% of businesses rank content creation as the single most effective SEO technique. (1)


(1) https://www.liveandsocial.com/blog/blogging-statistics/

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