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Business card design tips – six of the best

In this era of mobile websites and corporate social media, where a Google search can find just about anyone, is the humble business card still important? We believe it is. But, as with a lot of marketing, it is about getting the basics right over all the fancy fluff....

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Why businesses should consider writing blogs

Commercial blogging means writing short (a few hundred to a thousand words) articles and posting them to a news page on your business’s website – exactly like the one you’re reading now! You might have read a few blogs yourself from various companies and are wondering...

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Could a social media manager be right for your business?

Let me preface this article by stressing that a business might not need an outsourced social media manager. If you have someone on your team who has been trained on using social media for business and is happy to keep an eye on your accounts 24/7 without sacrificing...

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The importance of data capture for customer retention

Think of how many times this has happened: you’ve eaten at a restaurant, you leave, and you never hear from them again. They're not doing data capture and they're missing a fantastic customer retention opportunity. It’s a common occurrence, and it doesn’t just happen...

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The benefits of Instagram for local businesses

  Unlike Twitter, which has been struggling of late, Instagram is one of the rising stars of social media. Instagram’s rapid growth in number of users (in 2014 it had 300 million, today it has over 400 million) has made it an increasingly popular platform for...

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How Facebook video ads can benefit your business

With over 4 billion video views every day, Facebook is one of the biggest platforms on which people watch video content. It even outranks YouTube on minutes spent viewing videos per month: people spend 182 minutes watching videos on Facebook on their mobiles compared...

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Time Management – one of the keys to business success

Time is money – we all know that. But does it ever seem like you’re working every waking hour, yet don't have the money you want or you're getting little quality time with family and friends? If so, our time management blog could be the read you need! It’s essential...

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How to improve the reach of your Facebook Business Page

If you are using Facebook for your business, what you post matters. Content will always be king. But if your Facebook reach is zero, it doesn't matter how great your posts are. This is the bottom line - a person’s News Feed shows them content that Facebook deems they...

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What the Apple Watch is and what it isn’t

Time for a confession – I recently bought myself an Apple Watch. Andy too. We were in the Apple Store in Solihull to fix a broken iPhone screen that might have been wine-related…. There is no denying that Apple Stores are places of beauty. And the repair desk is...

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