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Promoting and protecting businesses on social media

Social media has given everyone a voice. This can be great, used positively to share constructive thoughts and opinions on everything, from personal news to global politics. The downside is that social media has made many people an expert. Everyone is a food critic,...

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Cryozone Health – branding & web design case study

Key 3 Media is a full marketing agency in Shropshire, meaning whether it’s a new website you need, or Google Adwords, or social media training, we can help. It also means that if you are starting a business but don't know how it will look and feel to...

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Why we build websites in WordPress

As web designers with a whole raft of websites under our belts, our platform of choice is WordPress. Clients often ask us why. “What about bespoke?” some ask. We assure them that each website we design is indeed unique but it is built on an open…

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Social media and social media management

The illusion that most businesses are kicking social media butt can be shattered pretty quickly. They might have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram icons on their website, but when you click through you see they haven’t posted for a month….

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Our top tips for writing e-newsletters

So many businesses spend money and time trying to get new customers… and then don’t stay in touch with them! Whether that’s a restaurant, financial adviser, whatever. It applies to most categories. And if we’re not front-of-mind, the danger is these lovely new...

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Why you now need to take social media videos vertically

Yes, you read that right. It might seem unnatural, but after all these years of being told to hold your mobile sideways to take video, horizontal is now out and vertical is in. Social media videos are a'changin'. It’s a fact that people will spend most of their time...

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Setting up Google AdWords – our top tips

When it comes to the subject of Google AdWords, there is a lot to talk about. Too much, realistically, to fit into one article, so let me call this what it is – an overview. This is not a step-by-step manual on how to set up a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign, but rather...

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Business card design tips – six of the best

In this era of mobile websites and corporate social media, where a Google search can find just about anyone, is the humble business card still important? We believe it is. But, as with a lot of marketing, it is about getting the basics right over all the fancy fluff....

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Why businesses should consider writing blogs

Commercial blogging means writing short (a few hundred to a thousand words) articles and posting them to a news page on your business’s website – exactly like the one you’re reading now! You might have read a few blogs yourself from various companies and are wondering...

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“Save yourself a lot of time and effort and engage Andy and the team today. They will make social media work for your business.”

Deb Price

Practice Manager, Esthetique Dental Ltd

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